Relish & Chutney

  • Sweet Onion Relish

    Mrs Bridges Finest Sweet Onion Relish 300g. Includes onion, sugar, Cider Vinegar, Tomatoes, Raisins, Red Peppers, Mustard Bran, Yellow Mustard seed, Salt,... more

  • Beetroot & Orange Chutney SOLD OUT

    Mrs Bridges Beetroot and Orange Chutney. 290g Jar Contains Beetroot, Sugar, Orange Juice, Malt Vinegar, Onion,... more

  • Mrs Bridges Ploughmans Chutney 230g

    Mrs Bridges Ploughmans Chutney is a real best seller. Ideal with all cheeses.
    Sugar, Malt Vinegar (from BARLEY), Onion (10%), Apple... more

  • Mrs Bridges Sweet Beetroot Relish

    Mrs Bridges beetroot products are extremely popular with customers, This is a new sweet beetroot product, which is a great accompaniment to cheese. 230g... more

  • Mrs Bridges Caramalised Onion & Garlic Chutney 220g

    A Fabulous caramelised onion relish particularly liked by those who like the taste of sweet onion.Excellent accompaniment to any salads, sandwiches or just... more

  • Beechwood Truckle 200g

    Individual Beechwood Naturally Smoked Creamy Mature Cheddar waxed truckle of English cheese. This product has a unique texture & richly smoked taste... more

  • Pickle Power 200g Truckle

    An amazing award winning flavoured cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company, Pickle Power Cheese is made from exactly what it says on the wax. A strong and... more

  • Cottage Delight Cheese Makers Pickle

    Cheese makers pickle is made using rhubarb, plums, blackcurrants, blackberries, carrot and onion, ideal with any cheese of your choice.


    ... more

  • Cottage Delight Old Yorkshire Chutney

    Cottage Delight's Gold Taste Award Winner Old Yorkshire Chutney with Real Ale is a truly traditional chutney.

    A Great Taste Award Winner, Old... more

  • Cottage Delight Sweet Garlic Pickle

    Cottage Delight’s Sweet Garlic Pickle is made with 37% sweet garlic and a special blend of spices including fenugreek, cumin and coriander.

    All our... more