Best sellers

  • Exotic Fruit Basket

    A distinctive tropical flavour to this fruit basket. Including: mango, melon, pineapple, seedless grapes, plums, kiwi, papaya, passion fruit, star fruit... more

  • Office Fruit Box - Thankyou gift for lots of people

    As the name suggests an ideal treat for sharing with no mess or cutting required. We fill our largest box with 50 pieces of hand fruit apples pears satsumas... more

  • Standard Fruit Basket Reduced to 29.95

    Our most popular fruit basket beautifully presented with all the finest class 1 seasonal fruit including; melon apples pears kiwi grapes plums bananas... more

  • Fruit 2 Office Large

    A box containing 60 pieces of hand picked fruit, expertly packed and dispatched for next day delivery. Bananas apples pears satsumas plums kiwis and grapes... more

  • Supreme Fruit Basket

    Our finest fruit basket with fruit themed to compliment finest British cheese. This hamper contains 1 truckle of traditional English cheese and a packet of... more

  • Cheese & Chutney Mix

    A superb gift idea for cheese and chutney lovers. We provide 2 x truckles of finest English cheese with a tin of Mrs Bridges mixed savoury biscuits and 3 x... more

  • Mixed Hamper

    2 truckles of English cheese, 1 x Savoury Biscuits for cheese, 3 x jars of Cottage Delight Chutneys, 1 tin of Pate, 1 tin Mrs Bridges Chocolates Chip... more

  • Seasonal Trug

    Here's something for a real foody a mix of finest local Cheshire produce including: asparagus, cauli, squash, fennel peppers, aubergine, parsnip, carrot,... more

  • The Old Sweet Shop Reduced

    A basket contains 8x250g jars of finest sweets including Sherbet Lemons, Soft Mint Crumbles, Local Fudge, Rum/Treacle/Devon Toffee, Walkers mixed toffee,... more

  • Fruit 2 Office Regular

    A box containing 40 pieces of hand picked fruit, expertley packed and despatched for next day delivery. Bananas apples pears satsumas plums kiwis. Not in a... more


    5 A DAY Fruit Box amazing value. Fruit4u first again with 25 pieces of fresh fruit apples pears citrus bananas and plums in its own hamper box. Just enough... more

  • Simple - 4U

    Our entry level basket comes with oranges two variety of apples pears satsumas kiwis bananas and plums. There is approx 24 pieces of fruit . Ideal for... more

  • Sweet Box

    A presentation box with 8 x 125g packets of assorted favorites including Sherbet Lemons, Clear Fruit Drops, Devon Fudge, Soft Mint Crumbles, Walkers mix... more

  • Power Juicer - FREE: box Fruit & Veg*


  • Beechwood Truckle 200g

    Individual Beechwood Naturally Smoked Creamy Mature Cheddar waxed truckle of English cheese. This product has a unique texture & richly smoked taste... more

  • Wensleydale and Apricot Truckle

    Individual Wensleydale cheese blended with Apricots chunks in a 200g waxed truckle. The apricots sit within the soft, mild flavour of Wensleydale cheese.... more

  • Mature Dambuster Cheddar 200g truckle

    This beautiful full flavoured, pasteurised, strong Cheddar cheese, in honour of the RAF 617 squadron based at local RAF base, Scampton. The mature cheddar... more

  • Pickle Power 200g Truckle

    An amazing award winning flavoured cheese from the Snowdonia Cheese Company, Pickle Power Cheese is made from exactly what it says on the wax. A strong and... more

  • Wensleydale Cheese Truckle 200g

    This is  a firm favourite of many cheese lovers due to its mild, creamy and slightly sweet taste. t is a delicate cheese, initially slightly sour and with a... more

  • Wensleydale & Cranberry Truckle 200g

    Creamy, Crumbly and full of flavour. This cheese is a favourite, especially at Christmas time. Why not add this to your basket along with Oval Alberts... more